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 SIZE: Did you look at our size chart for your size before ordering? If still unsure of your size, choose a larger size. It is important that you look at the size table to determine your right size. Otherwise time and money is lost in the process of exchanging. If you examine the table carefully you will see the cross references to UK, USA and Europe sizes along with the inch and cm measurements for most of our models.

 DELIVERY ADDRESS: Please make sure that you have provided us with a correct shipping address. Review your invoice and make sure it is accurate. If we ship and the package is returned to us due to incomplete shipping information provided by the client, we will charge you for the costs incurred by having the package returned to Modestkini.

 For smaller shipping costs of large orders or special requirements, e.g. from swimming clubs or schools, please contact blacksealtd@gmail.com

 ORDER DELIVERY: Orders will be processed within 2 working days of ordering. Please allow up to 4 working days for delivery in the U.K., 7 working days for Europe and 10 working days for other countries. However these are only guidelines and exact time of delivery can't be guaranteed since customs regulations and postal services change from country to country. You may receive your package earlier or later than the estimated times.

NEXT DAY DELIVERY: Next day delivery service is only for UK addresses. Next day deliveries can only be made for Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Customers who request Next Day Delivery should place their orders on Friday, Saturday or Sunday for a Monday delivery, Tuesday for Wednesday delivery and Thursday for Friday delivery.

NEXT DAY DELIVERY FEE: £10 per purchase and additional items will be additonal £5.

 EXTRA CHARGES: Extra customs charges may apply in some countries. Please check with your own country customs office.

 MEANS OF POSTAGE: We use "Royal Mail Second Class Recorded Delivery " service within the U.K., "Air Sure"  and "Signed For" services for other countries depending on which service is available.


 All purchases of items made on the internet by individuals outside the European Union are considered IMPORTS and may be subject to Customs fees. These fees are not within our control. Please check specific rules and regulations listed on your country's Customs' websites for more information.


There are specific rules and regulations listed on the U.S. Department of Homeland Security website for which you should be aware. Please click http://www.cbp.gov/xp/cgov/trade/basic_trade/internet_purchases.xml  to review the website for additional information.


Please read below carefully before purchasing an item to know your rights and our rules.

  • If you are not satisfied with your choice, it is possible to exchange the product with another style or colour (preferably same price) by simply sending it to our office with a note describing the style and colour you wish to receive. If the item you choose costs more, you will be requested to pay the difference, if it costs less we will credit back your account. There will be a postage charge for re-posting the item to you. In these cases please contact: info@modestkini.com for further instructions. The shipping costs for returning the products are to be considered at the client's expense.
  • In the unlikely event that the merchandise is damaged or defective we will replace it at no charge or make a full refund. Modestkini reserves the right to determine if damage to an article is due to bad workmanship/defective materials or misuse by the owner.
  • If the product you have purchased doesn't meet your requirements, you have the right to send it back to Black Sea Ltd. (Modestkini) (with the original invoice) within 10 working days from the receiving date without any penalty, no explanations required Modestkini will refund the price of the item. Please contact: info@modestkini.com for further instructions. The shipping costs for returning the products are to be considered at the client's expense.
  • All returned items must be in their original state and deemed unworn before they can be accepted for a refund. We cannot accept swimwear returns/exchanges for items which have been opened, soiled, damaged, or laundered.
  • You are responsible for return shipping fees. If you are exchanging an item, extra standard shipping fees will apply. That is £3.99 for the U.K, £10 for Europe and £13 for other countries. If you are returning an item for a refund, the postage fees listed above will be deducted from the refunded amount.
  • Due to different qualities in computer screens colours may appear at a slightly different shade.
  • No product will be replaced before we receive the returned product and find it in its original condition.
  • Please send products back in a properly folded condition as they arrive to you. Tucking suits into the bag damages and creases them. We will charge you for the damages.
  • Once we receive the return and determine that it complies with our Terms & Conditions, we will promptly refund you the cost of the merchandise, plus or minus any applicable shipping costs.



The instructions below will generally apply to all swimsuits.

How can you make your bathing suit last?

A little care will go a long way. The main culprits are chlorine, salt, the sun, hot tubs and suntan lotions. Lycra, the material that allows the great stretch and comfort in your suit, is a fragile material. Chlorine and chemicals easily wear it down and abrasive surfaces tear the fabric. Hot water permanently stretches the elastic and dryer sheets, detergents and washing machines will finally destroy it. Most of these elements are unavoidable; however some care will help prolong the life of your swimsuit.


Never machine wash your suit – hand wash the fabric with a gentle soap and hand it to dry. Never use a dryer or an iron.


Heat is bad – If your suit is wet, heat from the sun will fade the colours and loosen the elasticity. If you enter a hot tub, wear an older suit.


After a swim, rinse – Whether in an ocean. Swimming pool or hot tub, salt, chlorine and bromine will eat away at the fabric. Rinsing yourself with cool or lukewarm tap water will wash away a lot of the harmful minerals and chemicals. To dry with the suit still on, lay in a shaded area. Otherwise, hang it to dry in the shade.


Don’t wrap your swimsuit in your towel after swimming – Your towel will contain all the chemicals you tried rinsing off your suit. Worse, if everything is in a closed bag in the sun, the towel will heat up, the worst combination possible.


Bring two swimsuits – Wait 24 hours for your first one to dry. It will form back into its original shape. Wearing the same suit the next day will prevent the fabric from doing this.


Careful where you sit – Pool edges and decks are rough on the fabric, even if it feels smooth. Place a towel underneath before sitting.


Tanning – Tan before you swim. That way your suit remains dry, so the sun won’t cause as much damage to the material. If you prefer swimming first, change into an alternate, dry suit to sunbathe with.